September 2016

Ten Years Ago Today . . . .

Ten years ago today, I got on a plane in Winnipeg, Manitoba, waved goodbye to every one and everything I knew (except Mr. Patchmaker who was beside me), and a few hours later landed in Halifax, to start what we considered our great adventure as residents of Nova Scotia. 

Boy oh boy has a lot changed in those 10 years. 

Lone Star Quilts, my Inner Art Critic, and Mercury in Retrograde

So last week I made a Lone Star quilt top.  Here it is:

I listed it on Ebay, and it's okay, but that's the problem - it's just Okay.  And over the weekend, my Inner Art Critic kept kicking at my brain and saying it could be more - much more - and is this a representation of the quilts I want to be known for?  Seriously?