January 2017

And My Day Went From . . . . .

This . . . . . an early morning walk with the sun coming up over the mountain.  (The construction equipment is there to work on the new school.)

The Best Things in Life

It was a cold and windy day along the Bay of Fundy yesterday.  Last weekend, we had almost 2 feet of snow, but then the warm temperatures came, and the snow left.  (No, I'm not complaining!) 

The Critter found himself one of the last bits of snow for a good back scratch:

A New Design

This new design is what I was working on this weekend.  Its a table topper or table runner.  I've been wanting to experiment with overlapping blocks;  turns out its easier than I'd thought!  I'm working on quilting this one now, and oddly enough the thing that's worrying me most is binding those "V" shaped intersections. 

Happy Quilting

- Maggie

6 Weeks of Play - The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly

So my 6 weeks of play experiment is over.  Six weeks ago, I promised to spend the next weeks experimenting, playing, researching, planning, and generally enjoying my options.  I also promised not to make a New York Beauty quilt block (my favorites) during those 6 weeks.  Well . . . . .