May 2017

New Blog Post on Three Quilts in the Wind!

Just posted a new blog post over on along with a the little fox who inspired a quilt, and her story. 

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie

The Times They Are a-Changing!

Just a bit of news today . . . . . .  as the title says, changes are coming.  And so, I have a new blog!

Yippee! You can find it at:

There's not a lot there yet (other than an awesome blog roll of some of my favorite blogs), but there's more coming!   Over the next few months, I'll be phasing out this blog, and in fact, closing my website, and at the same time, growing my blogspot presence.

Mercury Retrograde, and Scarlett O'Hara

Has anyone figured out how to invent the 28 hour day?  That's all I want is that extra 4 hours. Between getting back into the serious business of making New York Beauties, and the other serious business of hand dyeing yarn, and life in general, it feels like I've been running behind schedule for days weeks!  Here's a sample of how it's been going . . . 

Step 1:  Mow lawn.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  

What Do YOU Believe?

Ash over at is doing a short & snappy email/blog project about business marketing, and today's email was  "What Do You Believe - Package THAT" as a marketing strategy.  It got me thinking, and I have to say that my two favorite things are New York Beauty quilts, and hand dyed yarn (not necessarily in that order).  If you follow this blog, neither will come as a surprise.  So . . . . . from an indie business point of view, what do YOU believe are the best things you could imagine selling?