August 2017

The Road to Minimalism - Week 3

Week Three of the Minimalism Project:

Step 1:  Kitchen Cupboards!  Seriously, what does one person need with 12 dinner plates?  Especially since, in the interest of losing some weight, I haven't used anything bigger than a salad plate for the last 3 years.  No, it isn't helping with the weight, but I have learned to make some seriously good salads!  Result:  3 boxes packed up for the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Benefit - empty shelves!!

The Road to Minimalism - Week 2

There's a bargello on the design wall this week!  Can you say "exercise in frustration"??  I've done bargellos many times before . . . . . but maybe this is why I quit??

Anyways, Week 2 of my Minimalism Project:

Step 1.  clean out bathroom vanities.  Result - empty drawers!  Benefit - no risk of poisoning myself with cold meds that expired in 2010!  And there were lots of them . . .

The Road to Minimalism - Week 1

After having watched documentaries over, and over, and over on the joys of becoming a minimalist, it seemed to be time to stop watching, and start doing.  

So, Week ending August 4th (my first week) here's the tally: