November 2017

Oh Happy Day! and Remember the Journal Cover??

Yes, its a happy day in my world.  If you've read my posts about the major reconstruction of my street (plus water and sewer lines), you know I've been living in a construction site for a few months now.  The major work on my block started September 1st, but for some farther along, it has been a very long haul.  Anyways, I'm pleased to say that yesterday the missing half of my driveway was re-poured, and today - paving!!!!

A Few of My Favorite Things - Technical Stuff and Another Experiment

And a few of my favorite things are, in no particular order . . . . . 

* my Juki sewing machine

* zen tangles

* mandalas

* detailed work

(and of course my dog, a stoneware goblet full of red wine, a good book, "Grace & Frankie" to list but a few,  but we're talking quilting here today).

So what happens when you combine zen tangles, mandalas, and a plain white quilt sandwich?