January 2018

Throwback Thursday

Here's an interesting, more traditional version of a New York Beauty block that I came across this week.  It's a large block, and the triangles could be smaller, but I'm not sure if I'm motivated to make all those triangles!  I may play around with it a bit more.

Here's an idea what it would look like in a larger quilt.

Throwback Thursday for January 17th - Nocturne

Along the same lines as last week's Throwback Thursday block, here is "Nocturne".  According to Barbara Brackman, Nocturne dates back to 1934, and is credited to Nancy Cabot.  I took artistic license with the the arcs a bit, as they appeared to be somewhat flatter in the original.  Here's the block:

If you decide to try this block, just remember, the arcs are not symmetrical.  

Wow - It's Thursday Again!

Well, after so many days of watching snow blow sideways past the windows, the sun finally came out today,  so I went fabric shopping!  Now I'm all set for the next storm - which is scheduled to arrive Saturday.  (Sigh)  But - hey - more time to quilt, right????


For Throwback Thursday this week, may I present . . . . . . . Evelyne's Whirling Dust Storm!  According to Barbara Brackman, Evelyne dates back to the Kansas City Star in 1943.  I don't know if I'm up to all those curves, but maybe . . .

A Riddle

And, I have a riddle for you . . . . . . 

When is it a good thing when a stranger dressed in camo from head to toe, and wearing a face mask comes into your yard????




Answer . . . . . when it's been snowing for 12 days straight (no exaggeration),  the wind chill is -27, and he's pushing a snowblower!

Happy Weekend . . . Make Stuff . . . Be Happy!

- Maggie