April 2018

Northumberland Star

For this week's Throwback Thursday, I chose the Northumberland Star block.  I didn't have much luck finding its history, but it seems to date back to the 1930's.  

Here is is in a more modern colorway:

A word of caution though, if you decide to try this pattern.  Chose your colors carefully, because the stars tend to disappear if they aren't bright enough to be seen against the background, and you're left with this:

Yup, they are the exact same quilt top, with different color choices.  

The Contrary wife

This week for Throwback Thursday, I chose the Contrary Wife quilt block, maybe because the rain continues to fall, and the sun continues to not shine, and I'm a wee teeny big bit Contrary myself.

The Bride's Quilt

Did you know that once upon a time, a bride was expected to have 13 quilts in her trousseau?  (Or, for that matter, that she was expected to have a "trousseau"?)  Twelve quilts were to use, and one was for very special occasions. You can read more here. And one of the most treasured was, of course, The Double Wedding Ring.