May 2018

And the Winner is . . . . .

This week, I chose a block called Kitchen Woodbox for our Throwback. I found this pattern in Maggie Malone's book "120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts", which I (apparently) gave to my mother for Christmas in 1990.  She'd marked this particular pattern with a big silver star, probably because her married name, and my maiden name was Kitchen.  It looks like a simple enough pattern, if you don't look too closely to the set in seams, but maybe I'll give it a try, just because. 

As a traditional quilt, it might look like this:

A Throwback to Spring


And so its Spring in the Annapolis Valley . . . . I took this the other morning from the former railway bridge, now part of the Trans Canada Trail.


And the Apple Blossoms are out in full bloom too -

For Throwback Thursday this week, we have a butterfly!  (You thought I forgot again, didn't you!)  

You could go very traditional with this one:

Or rather Modern:

Or give it some some other blocks to play with:

Whatever you do, I'd definitely advise auditioning colors choices; it make a huge difference.

Patience . . . . please!

Given that I'm in serious need of some patience, this Thursdays throwback pattern is "The Patience Quilt".  According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedial of Pieced Quilt Patterns, it was published in The Rural New Yorker, in 1933.   I'm guessing you can definitely see the need for some patience!  Great scrap-buster, though!  Here's the quilt (which, for the record, I won't be making!).