June 2018

So, About My June Vacation

It's just sooo hard to work when there are spots like this to be seen and explored!  This is Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia on a beautiful June day.

And heading down the road a bit, this is Lunenburg, taken from across the harbour . . . . .

While I was in Mahone Bay, I stopped at my favorite yarn store, Have a Yarn  and stocked up for some serious summer knitting by the sea.  Just have a peek at the colors in these Pima Cottons;  I'll be using them in shawls and likely listing them for sale in the fall.

A Finish - Almost - For Me!

If you follow my Ebay sales, you may recognize this little quilt.  It was on Ebay for a month, but it didn't sell. And to be honest, I was really hoping it wouldn't because I wanted it for myself. I machine quilted it, and had big plans for lots of detail work, but in the end all it "wanted" was ditching and echoes.  And here it is, just waiting for me to add binding this weekend, and it can take its place on the wall over my bed.  (Who needs family portraits when you can have quilts . . . . right???)  

Step Away From the Screen!

Seriously.  If you're a prim and proper, traditional, pink and yellow type quilter, you need to step away from the screen!  Do NOT go any further!  What you will see may change your life forever - or at least your opinion of me!  You see, in my working life, I make New York Beauties and Mariners Compasses. With precise seam allowances and coordinated colors and perfect points (well, I try).  BUT, look what's shaping up for MY bed . . . . .






Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone!

- Maggie



Wow - is it Thursday already?

So . . . . the first week of my month of personal quilter-development has not exactly gone as expected.  I had a few orders from May left to fill, and well, sometimes life just gets in the way.  Like today.  Tea with a friend this morning, and dog sitting/play date this afternoon.  I did manage to get the top in this picture finished up this afternoon, though, and while its not part of my challenge, I really do like the way it turned out.