And the Winner is . . . . .

This week, I chose a block called Kitchen Woodbox for our Throwback. I found this pattern in Maggie Malone's book "120 Patterns for Traditional Patchwork Quilts", which I (apparently) gave to my mother for Christmas in 1990.  She'd marked this particular pattern with a big silver star, probably because her married name, and my maiden name was Kitchen.  It looks like a simple enough pattern, if you don't look too closely to the set in seams, but maybe I'll give it a try, just because. 

As a traditional quilt, it might look like this:

Or for a more modern twist, like this:

And, I have news. I decided a while back that June was going to be a month of challenge, exploration, learning, experimentation, and (hopefully) personal growth as a quilter. I also want to include some hand work that I can sit outside and work on, because it is June, after all.  The only problem is, June is approaching fast, and picking just one theme is tricky.  I seriously considered these:

Hand Sewing Only . . . . . but could I really not turn on a sewing machine for an entire month?  I doubt it.

Machine Quilting . . . there are certainly enough unquilted tops around here for that one.

Hexies/Millefiori . . . only, I really don't have the patience!

Scrap Piecing . . . . which is to say no cutting "new" fabric for a whole month.  Hmmmmm. Interesting.

Improv Piecing . . . . intriguing!

Modern Piecing . . . . also interesting!

Traditional Patterns only . . . . good for scraps  . . . . maybe a bed sized sampler . . . or 2 or 3?

Applique - in all of its different variations - until I find the one I like best, and get good at it.

Hand embroidery - very popular these days.

Well, I couldn't pick just one, so, in no particular order, the WINNERS are: (drum roll please) . . . . . 

             Scrap Patterns only, made exclusively* with scraps, with a definite focus on applique! 

              (*And by exclusively, I've given myself permission to use yardage in neutral colors - cream, beige, and white.)

So no New York Beauties,  no Mariners Compasses, no Log Cabins, no Drunkards Paths or Lone Stars, because those are patterns I use regularly.  They're out! 

No running down to the fabric store, because its a Scrap Only challenge. They'll miss me down there! Or more to the point they'll miss my debit card.

BUT . . . . .  hopefully I'll develop a method of applique that makes me happy, so that I can incorporate it into my designs. All of those scraps . . . USED!  Tons of new ideas to work on!  Bring It On!

I do have a couple of custom orders to finish up, and then I'm on it!

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie


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