The Contrary wife

This week for Throwback Thursday, I chose the Contrary Wife quilt block, maybe because the rain continues to fall, and the sun continues to not shine, and I'm a wee teeny big bit Contrary myself.

I went searching for information about this block, but mostly found lots of patterns for it, and some other people saying they couldn't find any information about its history either.  I suppose the name says it all.  Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns credits it to the Kansas City Star in 1942.  It does make a very nice star quilt top though:

I also found another version on this web site that I really, really like:

along with a lot of great ideas for scrap quilts.  The scrap piles are starting to take over the studio again - time to do something about that!

The rain continues to fall, and the sun continues to not shine, but I discovered this patch of Snowdrops on my walk with The Critters this morning:

Here's a better picture of Snowdrops (courtesy of via Google) if you're not familiar with them:

They gave me hope that, though very, very late, warmth may actually come, and I may actually shed at least 1 of my 3 layers of sweaters!

And in quilting news, I was commissioned to make a drum bag for a healing drum for a friend;   here's how it turned out . . . 

I was pretty happy with it, and even more important, so was she!

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.

- Maggie


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