Happy Easter!

Since its Good Friday tomorrow, I thought we needed an Easter Basket quilt pattern for this week's Throwback Thursday.  First I thought I'd check out an old newsletter that my mother faithfully saved, and unwittingly passed on to me.  Couldn't find them.  So I thought I'd check my collection of old quilting pamphlets.  Nothing Easter.  So I Googled.  I found lots of baskets, but nothing particularly Easter-ish except applique, and we all know, I don't Do applique!  Next, Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  There I found an Eastertide pattern.  So I worked on re-creating it for a while.  Too long.  When it was finished it looked like anything but an Easter Basket.  And my fingers insisted on typing Eastertude as its name.  So, after an hour or so of scratching my head and fruitless searches, it was back to the simple pieced basket.   Here's the layout:

Not bad, but not really what I had in mind.  Maybe I have an Eastertude.

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie


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