A Finish - Almost - For Me!

If you follow my Ebay sales, you may recognize this little quilt.  It was on Ebay for a month, but it didn't sell. And to be honest, I was really hoping it wouldn't because I wanted it for myself. I machine quilted it, and had big plans for lots of detail work, but in the end all it "wanted" was ditching and echoes.  And here it is, just waiting for me to add binding this weekend, and it can take its place on the wall over my bed.  (Who needs family portraits when you can have quilts . . . . right???)  

People who visit my house know that I quilt, and expect to see quilts on my walls, but lets just say that in a couple of spots, things could be much, much better.  So this will replace the "Hurricane Quilt" that's been over my bed, which is in the direct line of sight (down a long hall) from the front door.

In case you're wondering, in my world a "hurricane quilt" is one I piece during a hurricane.  They're always simple patterns, because really, who can concentrate, and lets just say the piecing is usually . . . . . . improvisational.  Which is a nice way of saying . . . well, you know.   So, that quilt can become a throw on the rocking chair for a cat to cuddle into, and this can have the wall.  

Have a great summer weekend!

Make Stuff. Be Happy.

- Maggie


Really like this one.

Really like this one.



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