Hand Dyeing Wool

I've been hand dyeing yarn quite a bit lately so I thought I'd share some pictures.  Here are the skeins drying overnight last night.  I use a microwave (not the one I cook in) as a heat source.

 These are the "logs" waiting to go into the microwave:

This is superwash 100% merino, and it takes the dyes beautifully.  For this batch, I'm using acid dyes;  sometimes I use food coloring, which also works very well.  Some people use Kool-Aid, which works great, but I don't because I don't like the smell.  I can picture a little girl with a pretty purple hat asking her mother why it smells like grapes every time it rains.

Here are the skeins waiting to be knitted.  Did I mention I'm a color junkie???

- Maggie


Love the colours.

Love the colours.

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