Hearts and . . . . . Gizzards?

Since yesterday was St. Valentine's Day, I went looking for a traditional heart quilt, and remembered this block, known as . . . . . Hearts and Gizzards (among other things).  I can only imagine that the name must have something to do with eating chicken, but it is one of my favorite blocks, and I'm sure it has many other names. I think it probably dates back to the 1930's, and I seem to remember my mother attempting it and giving up.  But then she was before the age of rotary cutters and fusibles.

In any case, it makes really pretty heart quilt:

Do you see the hearts???

And on the design wall, I've been playing with Clam Shells. . . 

So, what do you get when you combine a New York Beauty with a Clam Shell?  Or Flying Geese with a Clam Shell?  New York Flying Clams?  Beautiful Goose-Clams?  And I'm a Nova Scotian - where people go clamming . . . . should it be a Nova Scotia Beauty Flying Clam?  Obviously I'm over thinking again.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.  The Critter took me for a lovely walk through the woods, so I'm happy!

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie


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