Here's a Whirligig, and Could I Get Some Sun with That???

Here in Nova Scotia, we don't see a lot of sunshine in the winter.  Winters here are damp and cloudy and cold, and I'm ready for some sun!  It's been one Nor'Easter followed by another by another, none of which have amounted to a whole lot, other than a lot of cold, damp wind.  So, a Whirligig quilt pattern seems in order to go with all that wind.  Here's the block.

At first glance, it looks pretty simple, but looking closer, a partial seam may be in order to get the "spin" started.  I found this one in Carter Houck's book "Nova Scotia Patchwork Patterns" published by Dover in 1981.  Here's what it might have looked like in the fabrics of the 1980's:

But I think I'd give it a more modern look:

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.  Please send me some sunshine . . . .

- Maggie


I like your version best.

I like your version best. Although I like scrappy quilts, the high contrast is great.


I like your version a lot. The other one makes my head hurt!

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