I Have a New Blog!

Introducing . . . my new Blog,  White Willow Fiber Arts 

After much thought, I've decided that it's time for Patchmaker, while it has been fun and very profitable, to come to an end.  I'll be leaving this site open for a bit, but it will be shut down in a month or so, as I put Patchmaker to rest at long last.   

Those of you who've known me for a while - you know who you are! - may remember that my very first business name was Whitewillow Quilts.  It seems just right that my next adventure into the world of fiber arts should carry on the name, so White Willow Fiber Arts it is.  My plan is to keep moving ahead with sewing and knitting and weaving and such, and I hope you'll join me there for the next step. 

Make Stuff. Be Happy, and Good Night.



Closing down patchmaker

All good things must come to an end, quiltrestorer hasn't seen any antique repairs for at least 2 years. I just started letting go of my vintage fabric--by the time collecting antique quilts and fabrics is back in fashion my eyes will be old to see. Now I to try some new hobbies, you know idol hands are the devil's workshop.
Looking forward to reading your new blog.

By the way we got a small rescue dog that that been kept by a hoarder for 3 yrs. The poor little thing had had never socialized or walked on a leash, so I've got my work cut out.

What a lovely comment, Deb!

What a lovely comment, Deb! Yes, new hobbies for me too. Goodness knows, I simply can't do nothing.

Rescue dogs are the best; good luck with you're little guy. He'll love life with you after he gets over his past!

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