It's Been THAT Kind of a Week

It truly has been that kind of a week.  You know the kind - when you need lists to keep track of it all.  And unfortunately, my studio just hasn't made the list all week - except to come down and pet the fabrics and the yarns, and tell them how much I missed them, and buy a few fat quarters wherever I was in my travels.  It was a very social week as well, with some old friends and some new, some long drives and some short, some good news and some bad.  It wound up last night with burgers and wine at a neighbour's house, followed by bed at 8.  (I can't remember when I last went to bed at 8, but it happened twice this week!)  The Critter was "farmed out" with his sheltie friends for a couple of days, which he thoroughly enjoyed and I was grateful for, but when I suggested a walk this morning, he gave me a look and went back to bed.  So today will be very peaceful, and my hermit-esque self can return to normal.  

Also, I parted company with Etsy this week.  I started selling on Etsy in 2008, and I was a huge fan for many years.  Unfortunately, they're all about $$$ signs now, and have lost their charm, along with a huge part of their customer base.  I'll be sticking with Ebay, and my shop here is about to grow by leaps and bounds.

This is an array of fabrics I pulled from my stash to work on this week:

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.



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