It's Spring, and I've Fallen in Love!!!

Yes, I have fallen head over heels in love . . . . with pre 1900 reproduction fabrics!  I'd reached the point where, if I never saw another piece of batik fabric, it would be just fine by me.  I felt I'd lost my love of quilting.  I felt I'd lost my love for (gasp) New York Beauties!  But not so.  A change of style and fabric was all that was needed!  An inner voice told me to spend a gazillion *almost* dollars on some Civil War reproduction fabrics, and wow!  This morning I actually caught myself gulping down my coffee so I could go make more half square triangles.  Happiness is . . . . .

And, about spring.  Yes, it's spring here.  The robins and mourning doves and Canada geese are back.  But spring in Nova Scotia involves a significant number of ice storms.  And if ice storms are the benchmark, we're having a great spring.  Now, let me get back to those HST's.

Make Quilts. Be Happy.

- Maggie


Love that combination of

Love that combination of colour & patterned fabric. Wow!

Thanks, Marie. Me too!

Thanks, Marie. Me too!

Wow. That is really nice.

Wow. That is really nice.

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