Its Thursday, and its Snowing, So . . . .

Happy Thursday!  As you may have guessed I'm always on the lookout for a fresh New York Beauty Design (no surprise here).  I found this one, called, of all things, Circular Saw - now doesn't that just make you feel warm and comfy?  Anyways, I found the design in a 1971 Catalogue published by Leman Publications.  The catalogue was attempting to sell plastic templates, but might have been just a wee bit ahead of their time, since cereal boxes were plentiful and free, and, at least where I lived, the template medium of choice.  (And for the record, I still use cereal cardboard for some templates;  old habits die hard.)

It has an old fashioned feel to it, don't you think . . . .  Maybe its just these colors.

On a different note, my monthly quilting group are doing a challenge this month.  We each took 1.5 meters of fabric, and divided it up equally among the members present.  We are allowed to add one, and only one, additional fabric. There were 8 of us there yesterday, and here's the selection:

I have only one question.   What in heaven's name am I going to do with that??  Stay tuned.  Its snowing so I'm in the studio all day (yay!) and maybe inspiration will strike. 

Make Stuff. Be Happy.

- Maggie



Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Unfortunately, I found a fabric shop with in walking distance here in Peterborough and my bank account is somewhat slimmer. I have no idea what I am doing with it but I liked it. Oh well!

I can only dream about a

I can only dream about a fabric shop that close! The nearest here is in Granville Ferry; not too far, but not walking distance. And I still somehow manage to shrink my bank account!

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