Knitting Shetland Lace

Knitting class on Monday was Shetland Lace Edging.  We used cotton yarn - the type you'd use for a dishcloth,  and the finished samples were about 3" high. It's knitted "sideways" - by which I mean you start with 10 stitches, and keep going for however long you need. I think it would be a nice edging for a scarf or a shawl!  Mine has a few oopses, but you get the idea.  I plan to experiment a bit with different yarns and yarn sizes. 

But the thing that excited me most was the realization that all those old knitting pamphlets on lace knitting - you know the kind, from the 30's through the 50's that everyones mother/grandmother/great aunt has and is looking for a home for - well finally here is a use for those lace patterns.  Knit them up in worsted weight and add to a scarf, or use sock yarn and give your socks a bit of bling.   Lightbulb moment!!! 

Happy Knitting (and Quilting)




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