"Most of Nova Scotia is Closed Today"

This is a quote from CBC.ca, and it's pretty much how things are here today. This is currently the view from my front window, and I think the look on Miss. Snips' face about sums it up. We're expecting 40 – 60 cm (a foot and a half to two feet) of snow before morning. It's February in Nova Scotia – a blizzard every third day – I'm not kidding – well maybe just a bit. But hey – we're Canadian – we can handle it. (Especially with an endless pot of coffee, a working snowblower, and a good bottle of Scotch.)


So here's what I've been working on today. Remember the Octopus Project? I opted in favor of fused, raw edge, hand applique, and its done (8 hours later – a good way to spend a storm day). Next step – machine quilting! And there's another big storm in the forecast for Thursday so . . . . .

Stay warm!

- Maggie

UPDATE:  According to Environment Canada, in total, we got 77.5 cm (31 inches) of snow.  It was higher than the chute on my snowblower! The streets are all plowed, my driveway is cleared, and I don't have to go anywhere, so all is well.





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