New Design. . . . .

Playing with this:

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!  I'm taking The Critter for a "play date" with his Sheltie friends this evening,  meeting up with a friend at the Farmers and Traders Market in Annapolis Royal tomorrow for coffee and a visit, maybe heading over to the shore with The Critter on Sunday for a bit of peaceful wave watching, and having Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Monday.  So wherever you are, enjoy!

- Maggie


I really Like this design. It

I really Like this design. It is so different and the colours look just right.

New design

Don't change anything, it's perfect. If you ever start selling your patterns this is one I want. You know maybe you should start selling down load for your designs, your that good. Deb

This top

If you are selling this, I would like to purchase it.
It is lovely.

Hi, Deann; I've sold a

Hi, Deann; I've sold a couple of those, but don't have one currently for sale. Thanks for asking!


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