Nothing Grabs Your Attention Like a Good Fire Hydrant!

It's Throwback Thursday again!  This week I have a dog quilt block.  Keep reading for my inspiration . . .

I designed this in EQ7, loosely based on a pattern that Barbara Brackman credits to Nancy Cabot, which probably dates it back to the 1930's, since that's when Nancy Cabot wrote her quilting column for the Chicago Tribune.  It's a postage stamp type of pieced block, but wouldn't it be cute for a kids room??

There's more about Nancy Cabot's work here, and thanks to the blog writer for the incredible amount of work put into that blog!

And in other news . . . . I have a new addition to the family!  I've mentioned The Critter in several posts.  Now I'd like to introduce Critter Two. (No, that's not her real name;  names have been changed because, after all, this is the internet.)

Critter Two is part Pekingese and part who-knows-what, and she's a rescue dog.  She's 14 (yes 14!) years old, and has no teeth, but she has the heart and soul of a puppy - with naps.  She came home yesterday, after a meet-and-greet with The Critter, which went excellently.  They became best buddies immediately, and The Critter is over the moon happy with his new older sister.  We went for a long walk this morning, and even though she was a bit tired on the way home, she managed to check everything out along the way.  One of the good parts of moving in with a quilter is you always have a quilt on your bed!

Nothing can capture a dog's attention quite like a good fire hydrant!


Make Stuff.  Be Happy.  And remember, all old dogs want is someone to hug them.

- Maggie


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