The Octopus Project - Step 2

Step 2 of creating an octopus was to make a copy of the original pattern - in case things go terribly wrong.  Next, I cut out the basic shape, traced it onto the red FQ using a chalk pencil, applied MistyFuse to the back of the red fabric, cut, and fused. 

My plan is to have something different going on in each one of her arms/legs.  I gave her eyes, but so far they're only pinned on.  I also decided to go with only the 5 original fabrics, but to add lots of "bling"!   Right now I'm debating the pros and cons of machine applique vs hand applique.  Hand applique takes longer, but looks better (IMHO) and has "wiggle room" for errors.  Machine applique is faster, has a higher chance of errors that would be harder to fix, but lets me move on to the "bling" part faster.


- Maggie


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