Patience . . . . please!

Given that I'm in serious need of some patience, this Thursdays throwback pattern is "The Patience Quilt".  According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedial of Pieced Quilt Patterns, it was published in The Rural New Yorker, in 1933.   I'm guessing you can definitely see the need for some patience!  Great scrap-buster, though!  Here's the quilt (which, for the record, I won't be making!).

And, why am I in need of patience?  Well, it seems my back and I are having "artistic differences".  I want to sit and sew all day, and it clearly does not.  Its happy to mow and garden and walk and grocery shop, and nearly anything else, but sit at the sewing machine . . . No!  I do have a very good chair, complete with lumbar support, a foot rest, a suitably raised sewing table, and a large stock of Tylenol.  Going to the doctor seems pointless, as I'm nearly 100% positive that he's just say "Stop Sewing!"  And dang it all, he'd be right.  But I'm not ready to give in yet, so I've negotiated a truce of 2 hours on and 2 hours off, in exchange for evenings with a heating pad.  Hopefully we'll reach an agreement soon. 

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie


Sorry to hear you are still

Sorry to hear you are still having back issues.

Thanks, Heide; it's just

Thanks, Heide; it's just fine with yard work, so I'm heading out to plant my Morning Glories now . . . .

Thanks for the "scrapbuster"

Thanks for the "scrapbuster" quilt - I need to make one of those! I hope you and your back do come to a comprimise that
will suit you both. My back complains when I bend over - the reason I quit curling many years ago!
Take care.

Yes, goodness knows I have

Yes, goodness knows I have enough scraps to make one - but somehow I don't see it happening!

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