A Political Question . . . . .

Would you walk 4 blocks to see the Prime Minister? 

I've always said I wouldn't cross the street to meet a politician, but opportunity never presented itself before. 

Apparently Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will be at the local park on Tuesday attending a public barbeque, and making an infrastructure announcement. 

I'm on the fence about going - it has been incredibly hot and humid, the crowds will be terrible, and I'm about as non-political as a person can possibly be. 

I must admit my first thought was "will he be wearing a shirt?"  (Let me explain for the benefit of my non-Canadian readers . . . . . .  lately the PM has been on vacation and has been popping up in photo ops at various national parks and beaches shirtless - something the press has been having fun with.)  So, shirt or not, would you walk 4 blocks for a glimpse of the PM?????

Something tells me I'll be true to my resolve,  and not cross the street to see a politician.




I'm with you. Mostly I don't

I'm with you. Mostly I don't like crowds, especially if it is hot.

Hi, Heide; I really don't

Hi, Heide; I really don't like crowds either. It will be interesting to find out what infrastructure funding he's offering though. Must be something good to bring him all the way down here!

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