The Road to Minimalism - Week 1

After having watched documentaries over, and over, and over on the joys of becoming a minimalist, it seemed to be time to stop watching, and start doing.  

So, Week ending August 4th (my first week) here's the tally:

Step 1.  go through bedroom closet.      Result:  5 large bags of clothing not worn in 2 years (at least) to drop off bin, and one large bag of garbage waiting for pickup.  Benefit:  a walk-in closet I can walk in to, and the discovery of two pieces of jewelery I thought I'd lost!  (Tucked in a side pocket of an old, unused, and now gone, suitcase.)

Step 2.  go through bedroom bookcase.    Result:  4 large boxes of books donated to local used book store.  Benefit:  found my copy of Martha Ostenso's "Wild Geese" that I thought I'd given away, and that I've been scouring used book stores in search of a copy of.

Step 3.  go through dresser drawers.  Result 1 large bag of garbage waiting for pickup.  Benefit: 5 pairs of pants (that fit) that I didn't know I had!

Make Stuff.  Be Happy




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