So, About My June Vacation

It's just sooo hard to work when there are spots like this to be seen and explored!  This is Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia on a beautiful June day.

And heading down the road a bit, this is Lunenburg, taken from across the harbour . . . . .

While I was in Mahone Bay, I stopped at my favorite yarn store, Have a Yarn  and stocked up for some serious summer knitting by the sea.  Just have a peek at the colors in these Pima Cottons;  I'll be using them in shawls and likely listing them for sale in the fall.

and while I was there, I picked up some of Juniper Moon's "Findley" for a couple of deliciously soft lace scarves.

And these two are just for me . . . . They're both a 70% / 30% blend of Silk and Seacell, hand dyed by Hand Maiden Fine Yarn , here in Nova Scotia.  I wear a lot of scarves in the winter, and who can resist knitting with such gorgeous yarns!

In fact, I had so much fun shopping (make that spent so much money!) that they gave me a free tote bag . . . . .

One of my favorite things to do is to jump in the car, pick a direction, and just go.  Sometimes I take the dogs, especially if I'm heading down the shore, or if I'm going to be shopping, they get to stay home.  I have two guidelines . . . . . stay off the major highways, AND if a road looks interesting, drive down it and see where it goes.  Oh, and always start out with a full tank of gas, because I just never know where I'll end up. 

And, because June was so much fun, even though it got off to a late start for me, I've voted myself the rest of the summer off from quilting!  I may pop in here now and then with an update on how things are going and some "road pictures". 

Have a wonderful summer!  See you in the fall!

Make Stuff. Be Happy.

- Maggie


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