Some Gorgeous Pictures to Share . . .

Happy Monday All!  (I still love Mondays; five whole days of quilting ahead . . . . .

Anyways last blog post I promised info about what becomes of the quilt tops I send off out into the big wide world all by themselves.  Here's the original quilt top:

It made its way to New Jersey, and the wonderful quilter who finished it sent me pictures!

Her detail work is wonderful . . . .

But this is my favorite . . . . 

And thank you so much D. for sending the pictures.  Your work is simply beautiful.

Time to turn up the music and get to work!

Make Stuff.  Be Happy. 

- Maggie



Looks really nice, the top

Looks really nice, the top and the quilting. The quilting part of a quilt is not my favorite thing, I prefer designing and putting the top together.

Well, I've been watching

Well, I've been watching Jamie Wallen's YouTube channel, and must admit I'm getting pretty hooked on the quilting too. So many quilts, so little time. . . . . .

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