A Throwback to Spring


And so its Spring in the Annapolis Valley . . . . I took this the other morning from the former railway bridge, now part of the Trans Canada Trail.


And the Apple Blossoms are out in full bloom too -

For Throwback Thursday this week, we have a butterfly!  (You thought I forgot again, didn't you!)  

You could go very traditional with this one:

Or rather Modern:

Or give it some some other blocks to play with:

Whatever you do, I'd definitely advise auditioning colors choices; it make a huge difference.

On the social front, I've been invited to a "Stump Grinding" today.  And what, you may ask, is a Stump Grinding?  Well a young fellow with a new Grinder, is going to my friend's yard to "grind" her "stumps", and we, the curious neighbours, are all gonna stand around and watch.  Refreshments may be served.  (Gawd, I hope so!)  Don't ya just love small town life?

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.

- Maggie



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