The Times They Are a-Changing!

Just a bit of news today . . . . . .  as the title says, changes are coming.  And so, I have a new blog!

Yippee! You can find it at:

There's not a lot there yet (other than an awesome blog roll of some of my favorite blogs), but there's more coming!   Over the next few months, I'll be phasing out this blog, and in fact, closing my website, and at the same time, growing my blogspot presence.

In case you're wondering, I'm not giving up quilting or knitting, or hand dyeing, or Ebay, or any of my favorite things, but I am giving up on things that don't work for me, and sadly this website is one of those things.  And life is just too short to fiddle with things that don't work!  

Okay, back to quilting now.

- Maggie


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