What Do YOU Believe?

Ash over at www.themiddlefingerproject.org is doing a short & snappy email/blog project about business marketing, and today's email was  "What Do You Believe - Package THAT" as a marketing strategy.  It got me thinking, and I have to say that my two favorite things are New York Beauty quilts, and hand dyed yarn (not necessarily in that order).  If you follow this blog, neither will come as a surprise.  So . . . . . from an indie business point of view, what do YOU believe are the best things you could imagine selling?  


And speaking of New York Beauties , this one is hot off the sewing machine this morning.  I'm doing a series of 16" blocks (listed on Ebay), but online sales in general are really slow right now, and so I have a backup plan in case none of them sell.  I'll keep going until I have 20, and then make a quilt.  For me.  Since, believe it or not, the only NYB quilt I actually own is a wall hanging.  So it might just be time for a queen size.  For me.  And if they do sell, I'll just have to make more.  Right?

My 20 mini blocks for my quilt group challenge are done and set together - which is a good thing since the meeting is tomorrow.  I'm planning to try my hand at machine quilting (a la Cindy Needham - whose Craftsy class I've taken).  It will either be a huge success or a dismal failure, but either way, it will be done.  And I have been practising, so fingers crossed. 

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.

- Maggie




I love your color choices, I'm a fan if vintage fabric and patterns. I guess the market for quilts is down, I haven't gotten any repair work for months. The shipping and my labor doesn't leave any profit for my dealers, and some have quit selling.

I've been trying to teach myself needle lace, I don't know anyone doing it so I'm on my own. Check out this website agnesherczeg.com it's quite amazing what she does.

What do the people in your world think about the future of the quilt business, have many shops closed. One of the big problems here is the high rents and high labor costs, in Seattle the minimum is 15.00 per hour.

Let me know it there's any new hobbies I should be looking into. Deb

Hi, Deb! I think it has a

Hi, Deb! I think it has a lot to do with the political climate these days; people seem to be hanging on to every cent, and I completely understand that. Markets cycle, so I'll hang in for a while to see how it goes. That said, there's a brand new quilt shop in my area, so they obviously feel there's a market. That's a good sign! I'm pulling away from batiks, though, as the going rate here is over $20/yard, so I'd have to charge a small fortune for the quilts. I do love the vintage look too!

I'm also getting into hand dyed yarns (you may have noticed!). It's something I really enjoy, and will work with myself if they don't sell. I'm off to look at agnes' site now, as I am always looking for something new and interesting too.

Nice to hear from you!

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