Whoa! Is that MY studio?

So this morning I thought I'd share some pics of my studio.  (We all like a peek into other peoples studios, right?)  Yesterday, after living here for 10 months, it seemed to be time to finally get my studio together.  Jeez - after 10 months, yah think?  I had new lighting installed a couple of months ago, and it only seemed sensible to actually be working under the new lights. 

It's a basement studio, so lighting is an issue, but the new lights help a lot.  And I find I don't mind working down here, away from distractions, at all. 

So there you have it.  Now I can go mess it up again!

Make Quilts.  Be Happy.

- Maggie


Looks like a great space. My

Looks like a great space. My studio (what a great sounding name) is in what was the master bedroom. It is small but I managed to get almost everything in. The leftover bits fit into my office. I wanted to be upstairs as the basement would need lots of new lighting.

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