Thinking About This One

My new design, Jake's Landing, is pieced!  I was going to list it for sale, BUT, I think it might be a "Keeper". . . . . . .

Windows 10 - a Cautionary Tale - Arghhhhhhhhh!

After hearing some good (and some bad) reviews of Windows 10, I decided to upgrade.  First I tried my almost new HP desktop.  Three attempts later, it put up a message saying "Reverting to your former operating system" - which was Windows 8, and the main reason I don't use that as my primary computer.  I haven't gotten back to explore the issues.

Then, I updated my HP laptop, and here's my experience.  (This may not apply to you - it's what happened with me.)

A New Design!

This is my latest design;  I call it "Jake's Landing", and the first quilt top is now in production, and will be listed in My Ebay Store later this week!

A Finish!

Usually there are more quilt tops around my house than actual quilts, but this cloudy, windy  morning seemed like a good time to finish up this little lap quilt.

The binding is even done - which is another thing that rarely gets finished around here!

Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?

On a video I was watching this morning, someone mentioned deconstructing a pin cushion to find out what was in there.  Well, I have  make that had, an old pin cushion that I've had forever, that I never use, that I never liked, so I dug it out on a whim and deconstructed it.  Here's what I found:

Lunch at the Boardwalk

Lunch at the Boardwalk Cafe in Digby . . . . .I'm not one of those people who takes pictures of their food, but I sure enjoy the view!



Some Things are Just Fun!

Some quilt tops are just pure joy to work on . . .













and this was one!


Stained Glass????

Stained Glass?  


Nope!  Quilt hanging in a sunny Window!


If You're Self Employed, You'll Understand . . . .

This just came in from "The Middle Finger Project" site, and it made me laugh.  As I sit here juggling four different projects.  At the same time.

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