Windows 10 - a Cautionary Tale - Arghhhhhhhhh!

After hearing some good (and some bad) reviews of Windows 10, I decided to upgrade.  First I tried my almost new HP desktop.  Three attempts later, it put up a message saying "Reverting to your former operating system" - which was Windows 8, and the main reason I don't use that as my primary computer.  I haven't gotten back to explore the issues.

Then, I updated my HP laptop, and here's my experience.  (This may not apply to you - it's what happened with me.)

A New Design!

This is my latest design;  I call it "Jake's Landing", and the first quilt top is now in production, and will be listed in My Ebay Store later this week!

A Finish!

Usually there are more quilt tops around my house than actual quilts, but this cloudy, windy  morning seemed like a good time to finish up this little lap quilt.

The binding is even done - which is another thing that rarely gets finished around here!

Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?

On a video I was watching this morning, someone mentioned deconstructing a pin cushion to find out what was in there.  Well, I have  make that had, an old pin cushion that I've had forever, that I never use, that I never liked, so I dug it out on a whim and deconstructed it.  Here's what I found:

Lunch at the Boardwalk

Lunch at the Boardwalk Cafe in Digby . . . . .I'm not one of those people who takes pictures of their food, but I sure enjoy the view!



Some Things are Just Fun!

Some quilt tops are just pure joy to work on . . .













and this was one!


Stained Glass????

Stained Glass?  


Nope!  Quilt hanging in a sunny Window!


If You're Self Employed, You'll Understand . . . .

This just came in from "The Middle Finger Project" site, and it made me laugh.  As I sit here juggling four different projects.  At the same time.


I did it!  If you're reading this, the new website it LIVE!  And undoubtedly full of bugs, quirks, issues, and oopses.  But bear with me, I'm all over that!  And My Goodness they have large blog pictures! 


Have a great week.



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