The Road to Minimalism - Week 2

There's a bargello on the design wall this week!  Can you say "exercise in frustration"??  I've done bargellos many times before . . . . . but maybe this is why I quit??

Anyways, Week 2 of my Minimalism Project:

Step 1.  clean out bathroom vanities.  Result - empty drawers!  Benefit - no risk of poisoning myself with cold meds that expired in 2010!  And there were lots of them . . .

The Road to Minimalism - Week 1

After having watched documentaries over, and over, and over on the joys of becoming a minimalist, it seemed to be time to stop watching, and start doing.  

So, Week ending August 4th (my first week) here's the tally:


So, here I am, back again.  The website has had a makeover, my knits are just waiting for me to list, and I have a brand new page banner . . . . . which is a picture of the Annapolis River just after dawn, as the fog was lifting over the hills - this morning, actually.  (There are special rewards for those who are up very early!)   Don't worry if its not your favorite . . . it changes from time to time.

Mercury Retrograde, and Scarlett O'Hara

Has anyone figured out how to invent the 28 hour day?  That's all I want is that extra 4 hours. Between getting back into the serious business of making New York Beauties, and the other serious business of hand dyeing yarn, and life in general, it feels like I've been running behind schedule for days weeks!  Here's a sample of how it's been going . . . 

Step 1:  Mow lawn.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  

What Do YOU Believe?

Ash over at is doing a short & snappy email/blog project about business marketing, and today's email was  "What Do You Believe - Package THAT" as a marketing strategy.  It got me thinking, and I have to say that my two favorite things are New York Beauty quilts, and hand dyed yarn (not necessarily in that order).  If you follow this blog, neither will come as a surprise.  So . . . . . from an indie business point of view, what do YOU believe are the best things you could imagine selling?  


Woo Hoo - I have a PURPLE star!

And I'm celebrating my purple star!  I reached 500 positive feedback on Ebay.  It has taken almost exactly 18 years as an Ebay seller, but when I logged in this morning, there it was. Now this may not sound like much, but very few Ebay buyers ever leave feedback, so this is definitely a milestone, and a big THANK YOU to every one of you who helped it happen.  

Yippee!  Woo Hoo!  YeeHaw!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now go make something.  Be Happy!










WIPs of All Sorts

In The Knitting Room, there's a pair of ladies lace socks on the needles.  I like knitting lace socks;  I get a sense of accomplishment after each pattern repeat.  These should be in my Etsy Shop by Friday.  (And yes - I do actually have a room called "The Knitting Room".  Other people might call it a bedroom, but it has a nice window, a good light and a comfy chair, so Knitting Room it is.)

These are more 4" challenge blocks for my quilting group meeting this afternoon.  My favorite is the Spool block (upper left).

Happiness Is . . . . .

Happiness is a new shipment of fabric on a Monday morning!

And a wee bit of news . . . . . coming soon!  Starting in April, I'll be listing all of my newly completed quilt tops for sale here on my website, a couple of weeks (or more) before putting them on Ebay.  And at a 10% discount off my Ebay prices.

Make Quilts.  Be Happy.


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