Hello New Guest, and I Have a Driveway Again!

The dogs from my last post have been adopted and moved on to their Forever Home, and they were quickly followed by this little sweetheart . . . 

Meet Sasha, the 9 year old Cocker Spaniel who's just a cute as a button!  She's also a foster Dog and very sweet.  As I write this, she's snoring on the floor behind me.  Guess that walk was a bit much!

Guests, and the Road to Minimalizing, Weeks 6 & 7

I've had a couple of visitors this past week or so.  That's Buddy in front, and his sister Lilly behind.  I'm a dog foster parent for Elder Dogan organization that assists elder people and their elder dogs.  When things happen and the dogs can no longer remain in their home, Elder Dog will assist by placing them in foster care (that's ME! - along with many others), until a forever home is found.  Bud & Lilly will be moving on to their forever home very soon.  

A Blue and Cream Finish, and a Construction Update and Minimalism Week 6

I finished this Double Sized New York Beauty yesterday.  Its a custom order for a good customer, and I'll list it on Ebay when she decides if its The One for her.  (When I do custom orders, nothing is final until I have approval;  if the customer loves them, great!, but if not, I'll list them on Ebay for anyone.)  Of course I had to run it over to show my neighbour Helen, who is another avid quilter, and she gave it the thumbs up!

The Road to Minimalism - Week 3

Week Three of the Minimalism Project:

Step 1:  Kitchen Cupboards!  Seriously, what does one person need with 12 dinner plates?  Especially since, in the interest of losing some weight, I haven't used anything bigger than a salad plate for the last 3 years.  No, it isn't helping with the weight, but I have learned to make some seriously good salads!  Result:  3 boxes packed up for the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Benefit - empty shelves!!

The Road to Minimalism - Week 2

There's a bargello on the design wall this week!  Can you say "exercise in frustration"??  I've done bargellos many times before . . . . . but maybe this is why I quit??

Anyways, Week 2 of my Minimalism Project:

Step 1.  clean out bathroom vanities.  Result - empty drawers!  Benefit - no risk of poisoning myself with cold meds that expired in 2010!  And there were lots of them . . .

The Road to Minimalism - Week 1

After having watched documentaries over, and over, and over on the joys of becoming a minimalist, it seemed to be time to stop watching, and start doing.  

So, Week ending August 4th (my first week) here's the tally:


So, here I am, back again.  The website has had a makeover, my knits are just waiting for me to list, and I have a brand new page banner . . . . . which is a picture of the Annapolis River just after dawn, as the fog was lifting over the hills - this morning, actually.  (There are special rewards for those who are up very early!)   Don't worry if its not your favorite . . . it changes from time to time.

Mercury Retrograde, and Scarlett O'Hara

Has anyone figured out how to invent the 28 hour day?  That's all I want is that extra 4 hours. Between getting back into the serious business of making New York Beauties, and the other serious business of hand dyeing yarn, and life in general, it feels like I've been running behind schedule for days weeks!  Here's a sample of how it's been going . . . 

Step 1:  Mow lawn.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  

What Do YOU Believe?

Ash over at is doing a short & snappy email/blog project about business marketing, and today's email was  "What Do You Believe - Package THAT" as a marketing strategy.  It got me thinking, and I have to say that my two favorite things are New York Beauty quilts, and hand dyed yarn (not necessarily in that order).  If you follow this blog, neither will come as a surprise.  So . . . . . from an indie business point of view, what do YOU believe are the best things you could imagine selling?  


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