Machine Quilting Practice

From my "things I did not expect to enjoy" experiences, machine quilting on my Juki is becoming a very pleasant surprise! 

Tweaking an 8 Point Star, and a Rainbow

I might just know where the pot of gold is! 

I was working on 8 Pointed or Lemoine Stars today.  I love this block, but I don't love setting in the side triangles.  So . . . .  with a bit of tweaking on EQ7, if you add an extra line or two, they can be paper pieced, with no side triangles, and the added benefit of a two color background.

Wool Applique, Housekeeping, and a Grocery Bag

One of the things I've discovered that I really like doing, is working with wool!  The birds are waiting for applique.  I want to try both machine and hand versions before I get started, though. 

Having lived here for over 6 months now, I'm pleased to say that my tool peg board is now in place . . . . Yay - no more lost tools - at least in theory.

And the Lobster . . . . .


- Maggie

Overdyed Orange

Remember those 4 pieces of golden orange a couple of posts ago?  I overdyed them, using Dark Red MX dyes, folding each piece in a different way, and here we have the results.  BUT, I'm not done with these 4 fabrics yet . . . . stay tuned. 

And now I'm off to visit friends and eat fresh lobster.  How great is that?????

- Maggie

Experiment #2, Practice #1, and a Finish

Good Morning!  It's 6:44 AM and I'm in the studio. The morning routine these days is to pull on a sweatshirt and jeans, take care of the animals, grab a coffee, and hit the studio.  On tap for today is the first of my fabric dyeing experiments, a sneak peek at my friend Janet's Christmas gift, that I finished up last night, and some machine quilting practise.

Experiment #1 - Bleaching

Experiment #1 - Bleaching. 

I took 3 pieces of Kona cotton solid black, and applied undiluted bleach applied in a squiggle with a syringe. These are the results after about 15 minutes.

 Sample # 1 was dry cotton, as it came off the bolt.

Sample # 2 was damp cotton

6 Weeks of Play - my Gift to Myself!


You may not have noticed, but 6 weeks from today is January 1st!  And that day is important because???  Well, apart from the obvious - feasting, visiting, hangovers, resolutions -  it marks new beginnings. But let me back up a bit here. 

Ah, the Simple Joys of Small Town Canada

119 children at my door on Halloween, and every single one of them said "Thank You".

And the finished version

Last post, I showed an EQ7 rendering of my latest design.  It's only 30" square, so the outside rings turned out to be just a bit too much.  Maybe for a larger quilt.  This is the first pieced version of the pattern.  (It's sold and on its way to its new home.)  Today, I'm putting finishing touches on a blue and silver variation, and playing with border ideas . . . . . stay tuned!

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