6 Weeks of Play - my Gift to Myself!


You may not have noticed, but 6 weeks from today is January 1st!  And that day is important because???  Well, apart from the obvious - feasting, visiting, hangovers, resolutions -  it marks new beginnings. But let me back up a bit here. 

Ah, the Simple Joys of Small Town Canada

119 children at my door on Halloween, and every single one of them said "Thank You".

And the finished version

Last post, I showed an EQ7 rendering of my latest design.  It's only 30" square, so the outside rings turned out to be just a bit too much.  Maybe for a larger quilt.  This is the first pieced version of the pattern.  (It's sold and on its way to its new home.)  Today, I'm putting finishing touches on a blue and silver variation, and playing with border ideas . . . . . stay tuned!

New Design. . . . .

Playing with this:

Ten Years Ago Today . . . .

Ten years ago today, I got on a plane in Winnipeg, Manitoba, waved goodbye to every one and everything I knew (except Mr. Patchmaker who was beside me), and a few hours later landed in Halifax, to start what we considered our great adventure as residents of Nova Scotia. 

Boy oh boy has a lot changed in those 10 years. 

Lone Star Quilts, my Inner Art Critic, and Mercury in Retrograde

So last week I made a Lone Star quilt top.  Here it is:

I listed it on Ebay, and it's okay, but that's the problem - it's just Okay.  And over the weekend, my Inner Art Critic kept kicking at my brain and saying it could be more - much more - and is this a representation of the quilts I want to be known for?  Seriously? 

Take Time to Smell the Rose (s)


I've been flying around like a mad creature lately, and went racing around the corner of the house the other evening, in search of I-can't-remember-what, when I found this lone, lovely, incredibly huge rose, all by itself, and simply had to slow down to enjoy it for a few minutes, so I thought I'd share it with you. 

Bargellos, the PM, and Postal Workers

I've been playing with Bargellos again!  I can't believe it has been so long since I did one of these.  I used to list them quite regularly on Ebay, but it's been a few years.  This one was so much fun, I also made a smaller version in these colors for myself.  It's waiting for borders and quilting as I write this (but then, so are many others!).

A Political Question . . . . .

Would you walk 4 blocks to see the Prime Minister? 

I've always said I wouldn't cross the street to meet a politician, but opportunity never presented itself before. 

Apparently Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will be at the local park on Tuesday attending a public barbeque, and making an infrastructure announcement. 

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