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What Do YOU Believe?

Ash over at is doing a short & snappy email/blog project about business marketing, and today's email was  "What Do You Believe - Package THAT" as a marketing strategy.  It got me thinking, and I have to say that my two favorite things are New York Beauty quilts, and hand dyed yarn (not necessarily in that order).  If you follow this blog, neither will come as a surprise.  So . . . . . from an indie business point of view, what do YOU believe are the best things you could imagine selling?  


New Design. . . . .

Playing with this:

Thinking About This One

My new design, Jake's Landing, is pieced!  I was going to list it for sale, BUT, I think it might be a "Keeper". . . . . . .

Some Things are Just Fun!

Some quilt tops are just pure joy to work on . . .













and this was one!


Stained Glass????

Stained Glass?  


Nope!  Quilt hanging in a sunny Window!


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