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The Contrary wife

This week for Throwback Thursday, I chose the Contrary Wife quilt block, maybe because the rain continues to fall, and the sun continues to not shine, and I'm a wee teeny big bit Contrary myself.

The Bride's Quilt

Did you know that once upon a time, a bride was expected to have 13 quilts in her trousseau?  (Or, for that matter, that she was expected to have a "trousseau"?)  Twelve quilts were to use, and one was for very special occasions. You can read more here. And one of the most treasured was, of course, The Double Wedding Ring.

Good Thursday Morning, All!

For Throwback Thursday this week, and since we're heading into (yet another) Nor'easter here, I though some spring tulips might be in order.  Here's the block:

This isn't exactly a Throwback Block, as I designed this one myself using EQ7, but I'm absolutely sure its not an original.  On the rare occasions that I actually applique, I prefer simple shapes - because I'm just not that good at it!  This is a 9" block, and it would be the perfect project to tackle my mountain of scraps, so . . . . . maybe.

Here's a Whirligig, and Could I Get Some Sun with That???

Here in Nova Scotia, we don't see a lot of sunshine in the winter.  Winters here are damp and cloudy and cold, and I'm ready for some sun!  It's been one Nor'Easter followed by another by another, none of which have amounted to a whole lot, other than a lot of cold, damp wind.  So, a Whirligig quilt pattern seems in order to go with all that wind.  Here's the block.

Think Spring

Its Thursday again, and its MARCH!  I realize some of you are buried in snow, but I'm pretty sure spring is coming!  (Actually, we've had spring-like weather here for most of the winter - very little snow, lots of rain, and ice, ice, and more ice!)

Anyways, in anticipation of spring arriving officially (in 20 days, to be exact), for today's Throwback Thursday quilt pattern, I have my childhood favorite.  My mother called the pattern "Bay Leaf" and she always used pastels;  come to think of it, she used pastels for everything. . . .

Hearts and . . . . . Gizzards?

Since yesterday was St. Valentine's Day, I went looking for a traditional heart quilt, and remembered this block, known as . . . . . Hearts and Gizzards (among other things).  I can only imagine that the name must have something to do with eating chicken, but it is one of my favorite blocks, and I'm sure it has many other names. I think it probably dates back to the 1930's, and I seem to remember my mother attempting it and giving up.  But then she was before the age of rotary cutters and fusibles.

In any case, it makes really pretty heart quilt:

Butterflies on my Mind

Maybe it was the foot and a half of new snow that was outside my door this morning;  maybe I'm projecting myself into spring.  In any case, butterflies seem to be popping into my brain.

I designed this one in EQ7, but its very similar to, and inspired by, a 1928 butterfly pattern which Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilts refers to as being designed by Verdie Foster in about 1928, and also says it may be the first pieced butterfly quilt pattern, since most were applique.

Throwback Thursday

Here's an interesting, more traditional version of a New York Beauty block that I came across this week.  It's a large block, and the triangles could be smaller, but I'm not sure if I'm motivated to make all those triangles!  I may play around with it a bit more.

Here's an idea what it would look like in a larger quilt.

Throwback Thursday for January 17th - Nocturne

Along the same lines as last week's Throwback Thursday block, here is "Nocturne".  According to Barbara Brackman, Nocturne dates back to 1934, and is credited to Nancy Cabot.  I took artistic license with the the arcs a bit, as they appeared to be somewhat flatter in the original.  Here's the block:

If you decide to try this block, just remember, the arcs are not symmetrical.  

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