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Almost Back on the Job!

One week ago today I moved into my new(ish) little house.  But let me back up a bit and tell you about the perils of moving.  I opted to have the movers do the packing this time - something I'd have to think long and hard about doing again.  Yes, they got everything packed in one day, but the list of things they wouldn't even touch is quite staggering.  I know there are certain things deemed to be "hazardous goods", which they legally cannot move, and I was pretty much up to speed (so I thought) on exactly what that involved.  But, seriously p

Time is Getting Short

Happy Monday Morning!  Time before my move is getting short - just over a week now.  The chaos is increasing, the sorting is happening, and my body is reminding me  that even though I may think I'm a teenager, in truth I have been on this planet a while, and moving is hard work.  My Ebay listings are all finished until my new studio is up and running.  And my fabrics are all packed away. 

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