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A Finish, A Success, and a Disaster

The revisited Lemoine Star quilt top is finished, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  (Not a Y seam in there anywhere!) My apologies for the lousy picture, but its bigger than my design wall, and while I would normally take it outside to photograph, there's a snow storm happening out there right now, so not going there!  It will be for sale on Ebay in the new year.

Machine Quilting Practice

From my "things I did not expect to enjoy" experiences, machine quilting on my Juki is becoming a very pleasant surprise! 

Tweaking an 8 Point Star, and a Rainbow

I might just know where the pot of gold is! 

I was working on 8 Pointed or Lemoine Stars today.  I love this block, but I don't love setting in the side triangles.  So . . . .  with a bit of tweaking on EQ7, if you add an extra line or two, they can be paper pieced, with no side triangles, and the added benefit of a two color background.

Wool Applique, Housekeeping, and a Grocery Bag

One of the things I've discovered that I really like doing, is working with wool!  The birds are waiting for applique.  I want to try both machine and hand versions before I get started, though. 

Having lived here for over 6 months now, I'm pleased to say that my tool peg board is now in place . . . . Yay - no more lost tools - at least in theory.

And the Lobster . . . . .


- Maggie

Overdyed Orange

Remember those 4 pieces of golden orange a couple of posts ago?  I overdyed them, using Dark Red MX dyes, folding each piece in a different way, and here we have the results.  BUT, I'm not done with these 4 fabrics yet . . . . stay tuned. 

And now I'm off to visit friends and eat fresh lobster.  How great is that?????

- Maggie

Experiment #2, Practice #1, and a Finish

Good Morning!  It's 6:44 AM and I'm in the studio. The morning routine these days is to pull on a sweatshirt and jeans, take care of the animals, grab a coffee, and hit the studio.  On tap for today is the first of my fabric dyeing experiments, a sneak peek at my friend Janet's Christmas gift, that I finished up last night, and some machine quilting practise.

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