About Patchmaker

Hello!  Welcome to Patchmaker. 

I'm an Indie Maker from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.  I'm obsessed with New York Beauty quilts, and I make and sell them both on my site here, and on Ebay.   I just may have tried every New York Beauty variation there is, and I have invented a few new ones myself. 

I also like to hand dye and work with wool.  I start with locally sourced Merino yarn from The Mineville Wool Project, hand dye it in micro batches, and reskein it to sell or be used in my own projects.  My favorite items to knit (and wear) are merino socks.

I live in the heart of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, where the summers are lovely, and you may discover me perched on a sea wall  by a lighthouse with my knitting and my trusty companion, "The Critter", by my side.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions.  I hope that you will visit often.  Patchmaker quilts may also be found on Ebay, by entering "Patchmaker Quilts" in the search bar.

Cheddar House Yarns can be found either here in my "Store", or by visiting http://www.artyah.com and doing a search for "Cheddar House Yarns".

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.