The Handmaker


About Patchmaker Quilts

Hello!  Welcome to Patchmaker. 

I'm  Maggie, an Indie Handmade Artisan from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.

You'll find lots of quilts here - especially New York Beauty quilts -  and some hand dyed yarn, and lots of knitting and crocheting as well.  

I believe that handmade items take on some of the personality of their maker, and also some traits of the place they come from.  I live and work in the heart of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, in a tiny town where the people are friendly, everyone knows who you are, and kids still walk to school and play outside until dark. You may also discover me perched on a sea wall  by a lighthouse with my knitting and my trusty companion, "The Critter", by my side.  These are the kinds of things I embed in my work.

I specialize in quilt tops (so not the finished quilt)  and mostly wall hanging sizes, because there are many longarm and machine quilters available nearly everywhere, and also because shipping costs are less for smaller items.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions  or to request a special bespoke item.  I hope that you will visit often.  Patchmaker quilts may also be found on Ebay, by entering "Patchmaker Quilts" in the search bar.

Cheddar House Yarns can be found either here in my "Store", or by visiting and doing a search for "Cheddar House Yarns".

Make Stuff.  Be Happy.