About Patchmaker Quilts


Hello!  Welcome to Patchmaker. 

I'm  Maggie, an Indie Maker from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.

You'll find lots of quilts here - especially New York Beauty quilts -  and some hand dyed yarn, and lots of knitting and crocheting as well.  

I started quilting when I was 4.  (Yes really, and I have the quilt with big ugly stitches to prove it.)  In actual fact, my mother just wanted to keep me busy, but she unknowingly started a life long love of quilt making.  We won't talk about how many years ago that was.  

I specialize in complex patterns - like New York Beauties and Mariners Compass - because of the challenges they present.  I'm a big fan of Erica deJonge's quilts, and Judy Niemeyer's patterns too, along with many others.  I respect the copyright on their patterns, though, and choose to design my own.

When you buy from me, you're not buying from a factory, or helping a CEO pay for a luxury condo.  You're buying from a fellow quilter with a passion for quilting, living in a tiny house, in a tiny town, enjoying life.  What can I make for you today?

I specialize in quilt tops (so not the finished quilt)  and mostly wall hanging sizes.  I sell quilt tops as opposed to finished quilts because there are many longarm and machine quilters available nearly everywhere, and also because shipping costs are less for smaller items.  And, as a quilter, I'm a work in progress.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions  or to request a special bespoke item.  I hope that you will visit often.  Patchmaker quilts may also be found on Ebay, by entering "Patchmaker Quilts" in the search bar.

Make Stuff.   Be Happy. 



This waterfront belongs to friends.  They let me visit anytime . . . how great is that!

Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

Digby Harbour - famous for their scallops - and about an hour away.

(Only we have better scallops down here, but you have to know where to go, so talk to a local if you visit, and mention the words "Crow's Nest".  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anybody.)

"The Critter"